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Boat heaters for the greatest comfort

Eberspächer air heaters and water heaters for boats

Airtronic and Hydronic

Powerful warming and drying

Whether for sailboats, motorboats, or commercial boats, such as service, charters, taxis or sightseeing boats, Eberspächer offers you the right solution for every requirement. With two different systems: air or water heaters. While the Eberspächer Airtronic air heaters for boats focus entirely on heating the interior, the Eberspächer Hydronic water heaters provide continuous heat just like at home. What's more, in conjunction with a boiler, the Hydronic water heater can generate heat for your tap water so that everything in the shower or galley is also geared to your needs.

Simple and quick retrofitting

Airtronic air heaters

Airtronic air heaters from Eberspächer are particularly suitable as a heater retrofit for your boat. Eberspächer air heaters can be installed in your boat quickly and easily. In addition, Airtronic air heaters consume very little power and fuel and are therefore ideal for boats that don’t want to rely on shore power.

The main benefits:

  • Extremely low fuel and electricity consumption 
  • Automatic interior temperature control with temperature pre-setting
  • Dehumidifies the interior through hot air outlets 
  • No condensation formation
  • Simple retrofitting, even for long air ducts
  • Easy installation for retrofitted boat heaters
  • Suitable for fresh air operation


Please note: Fuel operated heaters are not suited as building heating system but authorized exclusively for the use in vehicles.

The comfort of warmth for every need

The Airtronic 3 product line

With its new generation of Airtronic heaters, Eberspächer is again setting new standards for air heaters. And it does this in several ways: in terms of noise reduction, durability, and large selection as well as installation options. Dynamic, stepless heating performance control ensures whisper-quiet operation by switching the heater on and off as little as possible.
Rely on a comprehensive product portfolio for every heating need, from 2 kW to 8 kW 

Airtronic S3 Commercial

  • Smallest air heater with 2 kW heating performance
  • When installation space is tight
  • For small boats or individual rooms below deck (e.g. salon)

Airtronic M3 Commercial

  • Compact air heater with 4 kW heating performance
  • For short air ducts 
  • Energy-saving 4 kW model

Airtronic M3 Recreational

  • Compact air heater with 4 kW heating performance for installation with long heating air lines
  • Ability to accommodate long or complex heating air ducts (e.g. with several air outlets) thanks to higher air throughput 

Airtronic L3 Commercial

  • High-performance air heater with 6 kW heating performance for larger boats and yachts

Airtronic XL3 Commercial

  • Largest air heater with 8 kW heating performance for very large interiors and boats (e.g. sightseeing boats)

Eberspächer Airtronic

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Warm rooms, hot water, engine warmed up

Hydronic water heater

With the Hydronic water heaters from Eberspächer, you can ensure the perfect climate on your sailboat or motorboat at all times. The cabin is always optimally heated, and you can take a hot shower. Your water is guaranteed to be at just the right temperature, and thanks to pre-heating, you avoid wear and tear on your engine. Eberspächer water heaters are like the central heating found in your home. With continuous heat via convectors and in conjunction with a hot water boiler, you benefit from maximum comfort. Eberspächer's comprehensive product portfolio offers you the right solution for every type of boat and every heating requirement, from 5 kW to 35 kW heating performance. 

The main benefits:

  • More uniform heat distribution, just like at home
  • No blower noises from panel radiators
  • Tap water heating in conjunction with a boiler is possible
  • Flexible installation in the engine room possible
  • Small-diameter pipelines
  • Need-driven heat output either via panel radiators or radiators with fan
  • Engine pre-heating possible 


Please note: Fuel operated heaters are not suited as building heating system but authorized exclusively for the use in vehicles.

Eberspächer Hydronic S3 Economy

  • Smallest water heater
  • Available in two models with 4.3 and 5.0 kW
  • Stepless heating performance control
  • Optimized noise emissions

Eberspächer Hydronic M

  • Available in three models between 8 and 12 kW heating performance (M8/M10/M12)
  • Very long service life (6,000 hrs)

Eberspächer Hydronic L

  • High-performance water heater
  • Available in four models between 16 and 35 kW heating performance (L16/L24/L30/L35)
  • Suitable for large boats and yachts