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Frequently asked questions in the marine sector

자주 묻는 질문(FAQ)에서는 보트 내 난방에 관한 다양한 질문에 대한 답변을 제공합니다.

Your heating equipment should only be installed by an authorized Eberspächer partner who will comply with all the relevant regulations. This forms the basis for any warranty and liability claims.

All the Eberspächer Airtronic and Hydronic models are so compact that they can easily be fitted in the engine compartment or bench locker of a boat.

The average consumption depends on several factors, such as the heater itself, the outside temperature, the insulation and the size of the spaces to be heated. A Hydronic S3 Economy D5E coolant heater uses a maximum of 0.59 liters of diesel per hour. An Airtronic M3 Commercial air heater needs between 0.12 and 0.49 liters of diesel per hour.

That depends primarily on the heating duration and usage. Air heaters are recommended for retrofitting, due to the lower installation cost. When coolant heaters are used, convectors or radiators are required to emit the heat, which are difficult to retrofit effectively for aesthetic reasons.

Coolant heaters are most often installed when a new boat is built in a boatyard. They are incorporated into the design of the yacht. In addition, they can be fitted when the inner structure is renovated. They are integrated into a coolant circuit and, together with convectors, radiators or heat exchangers with fans, are used to heat the saloon and the cabins. In addition, drinking water can be heated and the engine pre-heated as required.

The choice of a heating system depends on the size of the boat, the location where it is used, the length of time it is used for and the areas that need to be heated. As a rule of thumb, a heating current of 120–200 watts is needed to heat a space of one cubic meter. The volume to be heated should be calculated and the required wattage per cubic meter used. This will indicate which heater model is most suitable.

One example:
For a volume of 33 cubic meters with 125 watts per cubic meter, 4,125 watts are needed. In this case, the Airtronic M3 Commercial/Airtronic M3 Recreational is the ideal choice.
If a coolant heater is used, the heating requirement for each area to be heated must be calculated. Then the output of the convectors or radiators needs to be chosen.

Our service partners specialize in calculating the heating requirement and selecting the most suitable heater.

No, the heater does not need any maintenance after installation, but it should be switched on briefly for around ten minutes once a month.

Yes. Eberspächer supplies special marine kits for installation.

No. The electricity for the heater's electrical components is taken from the on-board battery.