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  • Heizen in Motor-, Segel- oder kommerziellen Booten

    Heaters for motorboats, sailboats, or commercial boats

    Always comfortably warm and dry

Boat heating you can rely on

Mitigate humidity and cold temperatures in the boat and cabin

Waves, wind, rain, and cold—passionate skippers love the changing weather at sea. But after a tough day on deck, it’s time for rest and dry clothing!

With Eberspächer diesel heaters for your boat, you can ensure a comfortable climate in the salon, the cab, or the cabin quickly, reliably, and with little noise. You also remove moisture from the boat at the same time. Or take advantage of the ideal way to dry your clothes below deck. The boat heater is powered directly by diesel from the tank and electricity from the battery (12 V). No need to worry about condensation anymore. You can use Eberspächer boat heaters to venture into harsh regions and heat your boat, even on cooler days or overnight. This way you don't have to miss out on exciting cruises all year round.

Eberspächer Airtronic air heaters

Get warm and dry quickly and easily

Airtronic air heaters are perfect for retrofitting your boat. They also consume little fuel and electricity while still offering you the greatest comfort. This durable and quiet boat heater from Eberspächer is especially fast at reliably heating interior air, dehumidifying the interior, and preventing the formation of condensation.


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Eberspächer Hydronic water heaters

A genuine all-star for the greatest comfort

Reap the advantages of boat heaters that offer the greatest comfort with warm rooms, hot water, and a warmed up engine in the boat. Similar to a central heating system in your home, you can use the Hydronic water heater in your boat to ensure even heat distribution. Eberspächer offers you the right system for every type of boat. Ask us about the heater that’s right for you, and let an experienced specialist boat shop install it for you.


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Product overview

Product overview



The perfect climate

Eberspächer heating solutions

Here is an overview of the various applications and services.